Doe ook mee aan de Erasmussprints op 16 juni 2022!

The Westelijke Regatta is the oldest rowing regatta in the province of South-Holland. Traditionally, it was annually the first national regatta in the short track season (two kilometres). As of now, the Varsity is the start of the short track season, the Westelijke takes place around May on the Willem-Alexander Baan.

On initiative of dr. E.A. Kreiken, the president of the Royal Haarlem Rowing and Sailing association "Het Spaarne", on the 10th of October 1925 a regatta was organised in affiliation with D.D.S. from Delft, R.V. "De Laak" from The Hague and L.R.&Z.V. "Die Leythe" from Leiden. This in order to provide for a regatta for unaffiliated rowers. This regatta, "de Herfstwedstrijden in het Westen" (The Autumnal Regatta in the West), had a very good reception. So much that on December 18th of the very same year, "de Vereeniging voor Herfstwedstrijden van burgerroeiverenigingen in het Westen" (The Association of Autumnal Regattas of civilian rowing associations in the West) was established. Later the next year, the name was changed to the more flowing "Westelijke Roeibond" (Rowing Association of the West). In 1927 the Schiedam R.V. "De Schie" joined the Westelijke Roeibond. The name of the regatta was also later on changed to de Westelijke Regatta.

Over the years, the Zaanland Sailing association, the Leiden student's (K.)S.R.V. "Njord" and the Gouda R.&Z.V. joined the Westelijke Roeibond, and a joint venture with the Roeibond voor Rotterdam was established. The new organisation changed names again in 1976, and became the Zuid-Hollandsche Roeibond (ZHRB). In the same year, they started coöperating with the Amsterdam K.A.R.&Z.V. "De Hoop", changing the name of the regatta once again, to Randstad Regatta

In 2009 the coöperation stopped, and the name changed with new sponsorship to the Boekel de Nerée Regatta. One year later already, it became the Amsterdam Rowing Regatta, after this edition the old name was revived again. The regatta migrated from the Bosbaan to the Willem-Alexander Baan in 2013, being the first national regatta on this brand new course. The following year already the Westelijke became host of the Dutch Championships (Small numbers). In 2020 the Westelijke Regatta | NK Large Numbers could not continue due to the COVID pandemic; the following year the Westelijke became only one of few regattas, that edition hosting the NK Large Numbers for Juniors.