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A: The schedule is soon to be found on the Time-Team, though keep in mind that traveling to the site, getting dressed and rowing to the start area also takes time! De laatste stand van zaken is dat we om 9.00 beginnen, maar houd daar de loting op Time-Team nog even voor in de gaten.

A: Part of the experience of rowing on the Willem-Alexanderbaan is the journey there. We strongly advise you to travel by bike or by car. There are plenty of parking sites bij het terrein. Ook is het mogelijk om met de trein, danwel de metro te komen. Er is dit weekend een busverbinding tussen Metro Nesselande (lijn B) en de wedstrijdbaan. Vanaf de metro is het 30 minuten lopen.

A: All changes are to be made by your club's representative into the the registration system of the KNRB (NL). For questions, please refer to our competition management.

A: Everything needed to have a good regatta of course! You might want to consider:

  • adequate clothing (do dress for the (hot) weather),
  • water bottles (with supplementary water refills on the terrain),
  • your own lunchbox with sandwiches (although we have a very good assortment of food and drinks on site),
  • sunscreen (don't be frugal, bring an adequate SPF)
  • sun protecting gear (e.g. sports visor, sunglasses (though mind the traditions))
  • your own toolkit (can't row without a 10/13 tool),
  • crew members, coxswains and coaches without own travel possibilities,
  • study books (but only if you can't skip that exam next Monday).

A: You could consider not bringing:

  • guns, explosives, fire works (why would you even?),
  • cash (paying with debit card is the future),
  • valuables (e.g. laptops, you wouldn't even be able to see the display with all that sun),
  • fully loaded picnic hampers (we still do have great foods and drinks).

A: Discuss this with your coach or rowing club associate, often the clubs gather around their own boat loader or at the crews enclosure.

Ofcourse! All information about the visitors enclosure is also available here.

A: All information concerning the weighing is located over here . Godspeed!

A: The rules concerning rowing tenues are complex and hard to explain. Please refer to the website van de roeibond. De kernprincipes zijn representativiteit en uniformiteit, vanzelfsprekend moet het een – door de KNRB – goedgekeurd tenue zijn.

A: Congratulations! In Holland, we call the medal a 'blik'. If you won the A-final of your field, after crossing the line you are allowed to row back to the first pontoon past the finish tower/in front of the podium, through lane 9. In doubt whether you have won? Do ask your coach on the side. Please also be sure to check out the lane rules!

Coxswains beware: when rowing through lane 9, please yield for passing crews on the racing lanes (this means to pause rowing).

A: Niets moet, we zien het graag dat je je kleedt hoe je je fijn voelt. Je bent van harte welkom in je pakje. Anderzijds waardeert de Organisatie het graag als je je op het terrein gezellig en zomers kleedt, denk bijvoorbeeld aan een Henley Royal Regatta: jurken, jasjes, hoeden en dasjes. Gender speelt hierin geen rol.

A: Protests and complaints are to be filed following the formal Dutch rules concerning regattas, (RvR, in Dutch; Chapter X). To get in contact with our umpires, please visit the competition office as soon as possible following your race, we will bring you in contact with our head umpire.

A: Op het terrein lopen EHBO’ers rond, de EHBO-post is te vinden op de begane grond van het botenhuis. Spreek ook gerust iemand van de organisatie aan!


A: As well as for spectators, the journey to the Willem-Alexanderbaan is not the easiest. We advise you to arrive by bike or by car. There are plenty parking sites near the site. It is also possible to arrive via train or metro. We do have bus services aan vanaf metrostation Nesselande (lijn B). Vanaf de metro is het 30 minuten lopen.

A: We love our fluffy friends, they are certainly welcome to have a promenade near the waterfront, if they are able to manage a larger crowd and remain on the leash. Please do mind the other spectators and do bring some bags for the number two's, we don't have these in storage.

A: Of course, that only elevates the spirits on the regatta! We are open from around 8:00 through 17:00 on the match days.

A: Ofcourse, this year we continue online coverage, together with the LiveVideo Commissie via RoeienTV . We don't have a YouTube-link yet, but you'll be able to find it shortly on our homepage.

A: We do have a bike rental! You can rent a bike for an hour or a day. Please do mind the other spectators in the enclosure, especially around the podium. Cycling to the start is best done on the higher dike (Todakade), cycling with your crew on the lower dike (Cameraweg).

A: As a coach, of course. As family, friends or relatives: The enclosure is open, however, please be reticent. Allow the crews to have a bit of space, a bit of rest and a bit of focus around their matches.

A: We have a diverse assortment of foods and drinks available, so no need to pack for a mountain hike.

A: Niets moet, we zien het graag dat je je kleedt hoe je je fijn voelt. Omdat de Westelijke een zomerwedstrijd is waardeert de Organisatie het graag als je je zomers kleedt, denk bijvoorbeeld aan een Henley Royal Regatta: jurken, jasjes, hoeden en dasjes. Gender speelt hierin geen rol.

A: Well, we would advise you to consider bringing:

  • drinkflesje (gemeentepils is op en om het terrein verkrijgbaar bij tappunten),
  • sunprotection (a fancy hat, airy clothing that provides enough coverage),
  • sunscreen (don't be a scrooge, bring plentiful and with an adequate SPF),
  • mobile phone (so you can view the site map or the results on Time-Team).
  • debit card (preferably Maestro; we don't believe in cash)

A: Nee helaas, die kunnen we niet meer accepteren. Dit klinkt inderdaad vreemd, maar omdat we deze editie drie financiële stromen op het terrein moeten verantwoorden en uitpluizen, is dit helaas niet haalbaar voor contante betalingen.

A: Op het terrein lopen EHBO’ers rond, de EHBO-post is te vinden op de begane grond van het botenhuis. Spreek ook gerust iemand van de organisatie aan!


A: Top dat je komt! Zonder vrijwilligers hebben we geen werkende wedstrijd! Als je op het terrein aankomt, dan kan je beneden in het botenhuis jezelf aanmelden bij het vrijwilligerssecretariaat, direct rechts (of helemaal doorlopen, op het einde links als je van achteren komt).

A: We'd advise you to arrive by bike, that is always the most convenient method. We also have bus services vanaf metro Nesselande, die vanaf redelijk vroeg vertrekken. Controleer wel even of dit overeenkomt met de tijd van je dagdeel, voor de vroegste diensten kunnen we arbo-technisch geen bus laten rijden dit jaar.

A: We will provide you with a good lunch, drinks and some snacks. It is never not wise to bring something extra, but we don't think that will be really necessary.

A: Tips hebben we altijd, denk bijvoorbeeld aan

  • goede kleding (het is zeker goed warm)
  • drinkflesjes (hydrateren is belangrijk)
  • zonnebrand (we doen ons best om overal zo veel mogelijk schaduw te bieden, maar meer bescherming is altijd beter)
  • zonbescherming (een pet of een klep bv.)

A: Oh no, are you really sure? If so, please report this in time to the associate of your own rowing association, as they are the primary coordinators.


A: Well, that sucks. If after your search you still can't find it, you are more than welcome to visit our office on the ground floor of the finish tower. If the regatta is already over, we advise you to send an e-mail, or to check our news page for more information.

A: Ahoy! That is certainly possible and allowed. If we can help you in any way, please contact our promotion associate. We doen niet moeilijk over waar je allemaal mag zitten, zolang dit maar niet storend is voor de wedstrijdleiding. Voel je vrij om de Westelijke Regatta te taggen op de sociale media!

A: Well we do not have any experience using drones, however keep in mind that they are not allowed above the venue, as the whole area is underneath a main airline route to Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

A: Might want to inspect it a second time: it resembles two crews racing, shaped like a W!

A: Well, we advise you to contact us digitally: an e-mail to the departments competition management, volunteers, promotion usually works, or else do contact our general affairs department.