The standard rules of the Willem-Alexander Baan will apply during the Westelijke Regatta

Warming up, waiting for the role call and cooling down take place in the training lanes, which are separated from the regatta course. The training lanes are directly in front of the boat house. Training during the regatta is not allowed in any form. Lanes 0 and 9 are prohibited from use at all times, oars may not cross the ball lines. Not adhering to the lane rules could lead to a penalty.

Uncoxed singles and fields with 7 of 8 entries will be started over 6 lanes.

Fields for junior-14 levels will be held over 1000 metres. This distance will be started from the 1000m line on the course and will be finished on the regular finish. Crews are kindly asked to head directly to their assigned lane upon entering the regatta course. It is not allowed to row against direction on the regatta course. On the 1000m the crews will be aligned on the water.

Lane rules over 1000 metres

1000 metres - six or eight lanes

Lane rules over 2000 metres

Timetrials (1900 m)

Timetrials - regular lanes
Timetrials - upper lanes
Timetrials - lesser lanes

Six crews

Six crews - regular lanes
Six crews - upper lanes
Six crews - lesser lanes

Eight crews

Eight crews - regular lanes