Rowing is a sport exercised in the outside, therefore the weather could have a big impact. During the regatta this might impact the safety and fairness of the match. For a fair judgement of impactful conditions, a commission is instated and present at the regatta. The commission exists of coaches, rowers and organisation members of different regattas. They will monitor the impact of the weather and fairness on the course, during the regatta.

To provide a fluent communication of the forecast and any warnings, the Westelijke Regatta uses a colour coded system. The actual weather code will be visible on the website, Time-Team and via social media.

The coding is as following


Normal conditions.


Forecast calls for adaptations or regulations, impacting the schedule and/or progress of the regatta.


Forecast calls for partial or full cancellation.

In case of a code Yellow or code Red, please refer to the website, Time-Team or social media. Communication concerning eventual adaptations or regulations on the regatta will take place at specified moments in time. This is explained further in the Fairness protocol.

The fairness protocol 2021 is currently being revised.

For further questions, do not hesitate to contact us via