Main schedule

All crews from 14 years old are invited to the Westelijke Regatta 2022. You will be able to compete in the following competitions of the KNRB:

  • Freshmans competition (Eerstejaarsklassement)
  • Juniors entry-level competition (Junioren Instroom Klassement)
  • Juniors Development competition (Junioren Ontwikkelings Klassement)

The Senior Development competitions and comparable levels (fours) are not being organised, as the competitions are being spread out more over the diverse regattas in the Netherlands. Athletes are welcome in the regular entries on Sunday.

A complete view on all fields and competitions are available on the website of the KNRB (NL).



De loting vindt plaats op 15 juni 2022 om 20.00 en is (dan) te vinden op de Time-Team.