Doe ook mee aan de Erasmussprints op 16 juni 2022!

The Dutch Rules concerning Regattas [NL] are applied during the Westelijke Regatta, as well as the rules concerning the Dutch Championships.

Participants on the time-trials will have to wear race numbers on the back and bow. These are available at the secretary within the enclosure and have a 10€ deposit. Please do return the numbers within an hour after the races, later returned numbers won't receive their deposits.

Coxswains of junior competition crews will not be weighed. Coxswains of junior professional crews will all be weighed, not at random.

Due to COVID-regulations, certain dispensations are in place, as well as the following rules. Conform the dispensation in RvR, art. 76.3 and 78.1, the term of delivering protest or objection has been limited where needed. Be aware: protests still have to be made aware at the finish, by raising a hand.

  • In case of a force majeure or protest against the certified results, protests on circumstances may be delivered during the pre-finals up to 15 minutes after the latest finish of the according race.
  • Complaints concerning the protests in the former rule, can be made known at the Head of the Jury, up to 15 minutes after the result of the protest.
  • After the last round, participants can deliver protests or objection up to one hour after the last finish of the concerning heat.
  • If the protest or objection can't be delivered orally, the protest must be addressed at

As a participant, whether it be a rower, coxswain or coach, be aware of the following basic rules [NL].