Rotterdam, 16 juni 2022

Hoewel de temperaturen nu enigszins lijken te temperen – 25 graden op zaterdag, 17 graden op zondag – blijven deze adviezen gelden. Ook de extra voorzorgsmaatregelen van de organisatie blijven van kracht.

Origineel bericht

Rotterdam, 12 juni 2022

The forecast calls for sunny and hot weather on the Westelijke. The forecast on the moment of writing is around 25-29 degrees centigrade, providing bright skies and sunny weather. This means that extra measures will be in place to provide a smooth programme.

All visitors (crews, spectators and volunteers) are also asked to take precautions, please consider:

  • Adequate and plentiful hydration; on the site (as well as in the dressing rooms) water is available to tap. We advise you to bring a drinking bottle.
  • Please bring sunscreen and apply plentiful, during the day.
  • Don't stay in the sun for too long, look for shadow on the site or in the boat house.
  • Wear protective gear to prevent long exposure to the sun: crews are advised to wear white shirts whilst rowing to the start as well as proper head gear.

The organisation is working on providing adequate facilities to tap water, as well as providing sun screen and shadow. Also the far off locations, such as the start, will be provided with plentiful water. We expect this will run with no bumps, though we do advise everyone to bring enough to provide themselves. Just to be sure!